Current Exhibitions

  • Optic Elixir IV: July 24-30



    Reception: Thursday July 24th (7-11pm)

    Exhibition: July 24 – 30, 2014

    This contemporary group exhibition which focuses on showcasing visual art that ventures into experimentation, divergent thinking, and/or challenges the viewer see or experience something different.

    Curated by Callen Schaub

    Featuring artworks by:

    Kayla Barbeau

    Katherine Blaszczak

    Rosalind Breen

    Paul Cade

    Stella Cade

    Christopher Ciric

    Matt Cohen

    Erin Loree

    Nicole Malbeuf

    Christina Mazzulla

    Rupert Nuttle

    Chris Perez

    Callen Schaub

    Tristan Seto

    Craig Skinner

    Tony Taylor

    Illana Van Zyl

    Shaheer Zazai

    Yiying Zou

    Ted Zourntos